Mazu Theme Camp

“Mazu ”

A purification ritual in a Mazu Temple can help to reduce disasters and misfortune.

This ritual gives people the courage to face challenges and confidence to pursue better lives.

Each of the 3 rites in a ritual has its own meaning.

Burners learn about the Mazu culture by experiencing the 3 rites,  “Bua-Bei, fortune stick, and making talisman”.

This can help them to release the negative energy and find their inner balance.




Bua-buei means throwing divine blocks.

Buei blocks are very common divination tools in Taiwanese temples,

which are used in pairs and thrown to get a yes or no answer from gods.

They are made out of wood and carved into a crescent shape.

Each block is round on one side (known as the Yin side) and flat on the other (known as the Yang side).

When throwing the blocks, there are three possible results: One block flat and another block round is a ‘yes’ answer.

Both blocks flat is a “maybe” answer. Both blocks round is a ‘no’ answer.

Mazu (Copy)

Fortune Sticks

During a ritual, the querent will light an incense,

Bua-buei and accompanied by drawing fortune sticks to clarify an oracle.


We will use talismanic stamp or giving an amulet to participant for good health and good luck.

The participant can get inked by a Burning Mazu talismanic stamp, then enter our acupressure massage dome.

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Mazu Procession

Mazu is the Chinese patron goddess who is said to protect seafarers.

Her two guardian generals Clairvoyant God and Clairaudient God always stand besides her.

They use their powers to help her locate seafarers in danger.

Mazu Procession is a traditional invocated ceremony.

We will arrange a pilgrimage route and bring Mazu’s blessings to the citizens of Black Rock City.

We will have the statue of Mazu, Clairvoyant God and Clairaudient God,

team members dress up as the Eight Infernal Generals, fishermen, conch girls, pirates, also the lionfishes marching band.