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How can you share your passion?

The Dream Community invites you to Taiwan. Come and volunteer to work with Taiwan’s aboriginal people. The work you do is up to you. You can submit a idea or work on an existing project. The Dream Community needs people with all types of skills so, all though this is an arts organization, you don’t need to be an artist to apply.

Who can volunteer?

Anyone! Students, artists, musicians, retirees, working professionals, school or community groups— anyone with the desire to experience other cultures and work with people is welcome to apply.

Program Includes:

A once in a lifetime expierence!

How to apply?

Fill out the contact form and briefly describe yourself or your group. Please tell us about your interests, skills and abilities and what you would like to do. Explain why you want to participate, what you hope to gain from the experience and how you hope to impact your host community. Or you can send us a proposal video!

How do I send you a video?

Make a video about yourself! Create and upload your videos to a video account such as. . .


After your videos are created send us a link to your videos. You can find this link in your browser address bar or embed/share options in your video interface. Copy past this link out of the address bar and into are form comment box. The address should look something like this…

Are there other contact options?

Tel:  +886-2-2695-9393
Address: No. 95, MINTZU 2ND ST.,
TAIWAN 221, R. O. C.
ATTN: Dream community Culture & Education Development Foundation

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